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Arietta Vaughn

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1 Arietta Vaughn on Wed Oct 22 2014, 19:28


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    Username;; rose .
    Character's name;; Arietta Vaughn
    Zodiac sign;; Aries
    Age/Gender;; 17 | female
    Element;; fire
    Description/Picture;; click me!
    Personality;; Arietta is very mature for her age yet she's hot headed and quick to anger when provoked. She's alert of her surroundings and not easily wavered. She ultimately loves mental challenges although she does not have enough patience to solve them carefully. She's not very good with people and may act slightly prissy as she prefers the company of animals along with nature. Arietta hides an enormous amount of strength which comes in useful when moving heavy objects, but she feels it's a danger to the others if she uses it openly. All in all, she's a strict but gentle soul who does not look before she leaps.
    Weapon;; uses brass knuckles for hand-to-hand. uses a redwood bow for long range attacks and a long brass sword with a black handle that has a center piece of a gold scarab for swordplay.
    Normal attire;; a black laced blouse and a pair of jeans. wearing the bolero jacket to top it off is optional to her.
    Pet?;; an male adult sun bear named Ursa.
    Crush;; Emperor Linus
    Gets along with;; lin, rad, lan
    Clashes with;; Same as above.

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2 Re: Arietta Vaughn on Wed Oct 22 2014, 19:28


    Study Quirks;
    - Studies quietly
    - Solves problems easily
    - Finds language classes difficult
    - Sits with legs crossed, tucked in between chair legs
    - Prefers normal pencils over mechanical pencils
    - Would be in the medical club
    - likes listening to everything around her
    - often procrastinates on work

    Physical Quirks;
    - Hates when others touch her ears
    - Doesn't have ear piercings
    - Hair is naturally wavy/curly at the ends
    - Hair is silky and smells of strawberries
    - Soft, sweet complexion
    - Long eyelashes
    - Slender body build
    - Long nail beds
    - Has scars on knees
    - birthmark on left side, below ribs
    - suuuuuuuuuuuper ticklish (touching the back of her hands tickles for her)

    Physical Health Quirks;
    - Slender limbs
    - Speedy, but doesn't have much stamina
    - Favourite sports are netball and badminton
    - Terrible at races
    - Actually gets suck very easily after exercising
    - Can't swim, but knows how to float
    - Loves when someone beats her in a match as she is a fierce competitor by nature

    5 Senses Quirks;
    - Has good sense of smell
    - Just a little below average eyesight
    - Has glasses but rarely wears them
    - Has very particular taste buds
    - Average hearing
    - Normal touch senses

    Relationship Quirks;
    - Like those cool, aloof types
    - Likes cheerful, fun types
    - Hates lolicons
    - Finds glasses cute on guys
    - Dislikes direct approaches
    - Likes playing hard to get
    - Likes gifts that are handmade by the person, no matter how poorly made
    - Displays of affection embarrasses her *cough* Linus' serenade *cough*
    - Still has never had her first kiss
    - Will judge personality rather rationally but not looks xD
    - favorite pet name is, ironically, sweetheart

    - Scared of needles piercing her veins and eyes
    - Fear of ghosts [but not easily spooked]
    - Fear of worms
    - Fear of wells
    - Fear of being abandoned
    - Fear of losing loved ones

    - Favorite food is Fried Rice
    - Favorite sweet is Chocolate Brownies
    - Favorite drink is Hot Cocoa
    - Favorite color is Red
    - Favorite time of day is Dawn
    - Favorite gemstone is an Amethyst
    - Favorite flower is the Camellia
    - Favorite fruit is the Mangosteen
    - Favorite vegetable is Garlic
    - Favorite person is Linus
    - Favorite element is Fire
    - Favorite type of wear is Casual Wear
    - Favorite genre of music is Pop

    Ursa Trivia
    - grey eyes
    - is a grumpy fluffy butt
    - only eats fruits (because SUNBEARS)
    - dislikes creatures riding on it's back but Carl and Simba are exceptions
    - likes to sit down upright
    - is fond of flora but commonly tramples on them by accident
    - dislikes larger animals
    - can climb trees and swim
    - can't get an inch off the ground (he faaaaat)

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3 Re: Arietta Vaughn on Thu Oct 23 2014, 01:11


    - She hates being called sweetheart
    - She hates pet names in general
    - She wraps bandages around her chest to make it seem much smaller. Cup size C, waist line 32
    - She wears 4 layers of clothing
    - She sleeps in her underwear
    - She is probably the most precious sleeper, she’ll cuddle up to your back or clutch the front of your shirt. imagine the softest, cutest snores ever and you’ve got how she sounds, she likes to be held. She'll kill you if she wakes up with you near her though.
    - She rolls around in blanket roll when just awakened
    - She is half asleep for 10 minutes or so when she wakes up. will act as if drunk
    - Has a large lamb body pillow
    - Hates nuts and bitter food
    - Hates screechy sounds
    - Very quick at eating
    - Barely chews her food. She just swallows it down.
    - Loves soup
    - Likes dressing up
    - Hates wearing tight outfits
    - Hates looking in the mirror
    - Hates make up
    - Takes a bath thrice a day, 13 times a week.
    - Is fond of thing hair into a ponytail (Ties her hair up when she eats as well)
    - Has a habit of drumming her fingers on flat surfaces when bored

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