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it's 11:11, make a wish [ 1x1 ] [ nor & rose ]

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Mei Chao and Tian Xu, two young women just trying their best
to get by. The girls had grown up together, almost as if they
were sisters, and now share a bungalow in the quieter area
of town. Both of them simply wish for a stress free life, where
work wasn't something they dreaded each day and bills were
but minor issue. Not to mention they'd both like some company
other than the person they lived with every once in a while.

So, one day, when the two of them are woken up by animal
sounds, their whole lives change and after finding these
mysterious animals? Well, that's when their story begins....


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2 character list. on Thu Apr 02 2015, 23:51




Mei Chao - { human, female, 17}
Ri Meng - { snake, male, 26 }
Shi Bai - { rooster, male, 23 }
Yun Tian - { rabbit, male, 16 }



Tian Xu - { human, female, 21 }
Chen Long - { dragon, male, 28
Yin Mian - { sheep, female, 24 }
Niu Ling - { ox, male, 18 }


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In the quiet kitchen there wasn't much to be found besides Mei, who was hunched over at the
table as she flipped through numerous papers. The clock could be heard in the background as it
ticked towards the eleven o' clock mark and really she should've been asleep by now so she could
wake up bright and early for school tomorrow. But hey, at least she was studying, so...Tian
wouldn't get too mad at her, right?

With a sigh, she leans back and slides down in the chair a bit, staring tiredly at the study books and
sheets of text in front of her. She'd really let her homework pile up over the past few days, which was
unusual for the girl. Maybe she should drop her part-time job for now and concentrate purely on school?
But then that would mean Tian would have to work extra hard and Mei didn't want that. The older girl
barely got enough free time as it was.

Glancing up at the clock again, she lets out a small chuckle. It read 11:11. Mei wasn't one to believe
in silly little things like that, but it wouldn't hurt anyone so...why not? Turning her gaze to look out
the window, she made her simple wish.

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Silently in her room, decorated with pastel blues, Tian looked warily at the notes she had gathered and then back to the laundry she had neglected to put into the washing machine. Right, it'd be a pain for it to be washed in the morning and dried only in the evening, she might as well do so now. Getting up, she dragged the basket slowly as to not make a sound.

Tian Xu was used to this by now, the more quiet part of her life. Admitted, she missed when she was in a rowdier environment, but ever since obtaining that scholarship, she had become even more busy with keeping up her grades and her own personal life in order. She liked having Mei around, but Mei was a little distant, or so Tian saw her that way. There wasn't much to do, usually it was the same schedule. Study, work, chores, repeat. It was boring.

As she dumped the load of laundry into the old machine, she looked at her wristwatch. 11:11pm. Ah, how late it has gotten. She was required to be in class by 8am. Not being a morning person in the slightest, Tian groaned at the thought of continuing with another boring day. Then she remembered. She remembered that little chain post, she remembered all the stories of making a wish. A wish to a fae or deity or was it a fish? She didn't remember it all that clearly, but she closed her eyes and wished to the deity of whatever.

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Mei Chao had continued to stare out the window for a few more seconds before returning her
attention to the books and papers scattered across the kitchen table. It had been neat at one point.
Well organised with everything clearly set out. That's how it was when she had first started her late
night study session, but now she didn't even know where her pencil could be found.

This caused a small, quiet chuckle from the girl. Maybe she should stop for tonight? As much as she
didn't want too, she knew her brain couldn't take much more of this and needed a rest - and though
she was hesitant to admit it, she was stupidly exhausted at this point. She couldn't help it, it was
just how the girl was. She had to make sure she knew what she was doing, to make sure that she
got the best grades she possibly could and if she didn't? Well then, she wasn't trying hard enough.
Mei was fully aware of how hard she was being on herself at least, though she did little to stop it.

However, the sound of the washing machine having a large pile of clothes dumped in it certainly
did the trick to snap her out of this weird 'trance' she had gotten into. Ah, so Tian Xu was still up
too. Not that it was a surprise really - she stayed up just a late (if not later) than Mei most times.

Quickly shoving her things into vaguely ordered piles that only she would understand, Mei pushes
her chair back and stands up, a yawn escaping her mouth as she heads into the hall. Passing by
the laundry room, she peers in at the older girl who had her eyes closed for some reason. Was
she too taking advantage of the time? The idea made her smile. "Hey Tian" she spoke
softly, not wanting to spook her friend. Though Mei knew that she herself was often quite
aloof, she did enjoy and appreciate Tian's company.

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