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FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .]

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1 FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Sat Nov 22 2014, 00:55

Chrom had decided that a new unit in the Shepherds was needed
to look after Ylisse while he and the others were away, thus this group of
nine strangers was formed. They deal with everything from bandit attacks
to the problems of the townspeople, lending a helping hand whenever needed
and making sure the city is as safe as possible. The only issue? They've only
just met and with somewhat clashing personalities and opinions, this lot are
going to have to learn how to work together, one way or another.


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2 Re: FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Mon Nov 24 2014, 18:37

Asohi • manakete • thirty six • female
Xun • sage • twenty six • male
Aloise • myrmidon • twenty five • female
Lahina • grandmaster • twenty three • female
Chantilly • taguel • twenty three • female
Jun • grandmaster • twenty two • female
Seung-min • thief • twenty one • male
Luca • priest • nineteen • male
Elijah • wyvern rider • eighteen • male

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3 Re: FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Mon Nov 24 2014, 22:53

Their base of operations was pretty much empty aside from a large map hanging on the back wall, a decent sized table and a few chairs, but she was sure that it'd start to look more lived in soon enough. It was only a couple of days ago that Jun had been initially informed about this new group, and to be honest she was looking forward to meeting everyone for the first time. She had chosen to go all out and wear her full Grandmaster attire, cloak and all, and had even had a long debate with herself over whether to leave the hood up or not - it would be amusing to see the others' reactions to that! In the end she had left it down, deciding that it might be a little too much otherwise. So, as Jun patiently anticipated the arrival of the group, she smiled cheerfully to herself as she took a seat and waited.


Most of his morning was spent trying to saddle-up Halcyon, which wasn't going quite to plan. The wyvern had apparently deemed this day to be a great one for playing and was refusing to let Elijah do anything, he couldn't even attempt to put his armour on without the creature nearly pushing him over. "Hal, we can't be doing this right now" he complains, pouting at the dragon with folded arms - not that Halycon seemed to care one bit about the situation. He was even considering leaving him behind and walking at this point.


Seung-min could say that he had better things to be doing than meeting this new little militia of Chrom's, but that would be a lie. In truth, he didn't have much planned aside from hanging around the fields, perhaps look for some leftover loot that he could pick up and claim for himself. He was certain he knew where he was heading, so he didn't pay much attention to his surroundings as he strolled through the market place, though he did happen to occasionally eye something up that was of worth, but quickly dismissed such thoughts with a small shake of his head.

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4 Re: FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Tue Nov 25 2014, 05:04


Lahina glared up at the book she held over her head. This was just malarkey. These techniques wouldn't do for the terrain nearby, the book was useless for this situation, tossing it in a stack next to her table, Lahina checked the time. Almost noon, it was about time to go for the meet up. She wondered if there'd be any special classes. She had yet to meet any of the high beasts and a few classes like the bride, dancer, thieves, tricksters and such. Ah, how exciting. She exited her tent, heading straight for the venue. But upon serving at the entrance, she became highly conscious of her untidy state. Quickly, Lahina dusted herself off and adjusted every piece of clothing she found to be imperfect, every little crease and fold. Once content, she entered. There, she saw a long haired woman sitting at the table already, she wasn't the only early bird, huh. "Hello." She greeted as she pulled her chair out and sat down across the woman. According to attire, she too seemed to be a Grandmaster, and this delighted Lahina knowing that there was another person in a class like hers. "Looks like we have things in common." Smiled Lahina.

Asohi grumbled as she ripped the petals off of a poor little flower. Tossing it to the ground and trampling on it, she wasn't in the best mood today. Especially since she had been getting curious looks from others. It was annoying. Surely they've seen a Manakete before, it's not like they haven't. She knew they have. So what made her so special. An annoying race humans are, nothing could pick at her more than when others stare or request personal things from her, like her age. So what if Asohi was still a baby Manakete, that didn't really matter to her, she looked more mature than other Manaketes and she was older than everyone in human years anyway. She sneered at the thought of them questioning her just because she was what she was. It should be time now, but Asohi didn't really want to go to the meeting. Would there be only humans there? She didn't want that at all. Hopefully there were others like her. Or at least a taguel or two wasn't too much to wish for, right? Grumbling to herself, she trudged on to the meeting place.

Always turning his head to get a peek of whatever dangers were around him, little Luca skittered along the soil trail back to camp, it was supposedly time to meet everyone, but he was ridiculously nervous of what was to come. He couldn't do introductions without stuttering. He couldn't have a conversation without silent moments. Never really the one to be social, that was just how the priest was. Introverted, shy, on the upside, he was popular among men, if only he want mistaken by them for a girl though. It was heavily awkward. Luca brushed his fingers against the entrance of where they were supposed to meet, he didn't have the courage to go in. What if he was late? Would they glare at him? Would someone yell at him? He couldn't do it. Luca remained frozen in place outside the door with a whirl of horrible events that could happen if he stepped into that room.

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5 Re: FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Tue Nov 25 2014, 05:50

Jun wasn't entirely sure just how long she actually would have to wait, seeing as she arrived pretty early, probably a bit too early in all honesty. Fortunately for her, however, it wasn't all that long until she heard the door creaking open to reveal a women who appeared to be around her own age and she instantly noticed the similar attire with glee. Another Grandmaster, huh? Jun smiles welcomingly at the woman as she takes a seat across from her. "Hello," returning the greeting with a hand outstretched across the table, she nods "Indeed, it appears so!" she replies cheerfully. "My name is Jun, pleasure to meet you" she introduces herself with her free hand resting on her chest as she speaks "I hope we can get along well."


After many more minutes fighting with the wyvern, he finally managed to get the saddle and everything else on, including his own armour at long last. Placing one foot in the stirrup and his hands grasping firmly onto the saddle, Elijah pulls himself up and onto Halcyon, giving the dragon a pat on the neck with a wide smile "See, it's not that hard, is it now?" he says, chuckling as he slides his other foot in the other stirrup. Just as he was about to head off towards the meeting place, he spots a young-looking girl walking by, a foul look on her face. Hm? What's she doing out alone? he wonders. The girl appeared to be doing just fine despite looking very irritated, which intrigued him greatly. Maybe he'd follow her for a bit - it wouldn't hurt to be a little bit late.


He arrived at the building in short time and spotted a very anxious looking figure on the doorstep. He couldn't tell the gender - a problem which many people had with himself - but their tense posture was obvious to anyone. "Hey, you" Seung-min calls out calmly, sticking his hands in his pockets as he continues to walk towards the other person "Looks like we're gonna be allies from here on" he says "What's ya' name?" he asks, his usual poker face remaining as such.


She still wasn't quite used to human attention and felt extremely self-concious, hugging herself as she made her way through town. To Chantilly, it felt like all eyes were on her and she couldn't stand it, wishing to follow her natural instinct to flee, but there was no other way to get to the meeting place and she didn't want to disappoint Chrom by not showing up and him ending up having to find a replacement - it just wouldn't be fair, especially to the others in the group. With a small, shaky sigh, she casts her gaze to the ground, hoping that the whole 'If I can't see you, you can't see me' thing would trick her mind into feeling calmer. However, what her attention was brought to was the fact that there were small, shredded up petals strewn across the cobbles. Much to her confusion, Chantilly stops for a moment, bending down to pick a couple up Why are they so damaged? she wonders, glancing up to see many more further up ahead.


Whistling a cheery tune as she practically skips away from a small tavern, Aloise swings the small pouch of money around, a smug expression on her face. She loved it when she won a bet, particularly if she got to prove someone wrong at the same time! But, sadly, playtime was over and it was time to get to her brand new 'job' as she liked to call it. It would be the first time in a while that Aloise will have done anything like this and it excited her. The last time she had helped out in such a way was when she volunteered to help rebuild what the fire had burned down a couple years back, but since then she'd gone back to her old lifestyle of gambling and a more adult version of 'truth or dare' or to be more accurate, just 'dare' would be more like it. And yeah, she had found herself in trouble quite often over the past few months and not to mention she'd had one too many tellings-off from people like Frederick - which she hoped to change with this new position of hers.

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6 Re: FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Tue Nov 25 2014, 22:43


Lahina met the lady halfway and shook her hand. "I'm Lahina, nice to meet you as well." She smiled. "I wonder when everyone will get here." she pondered, just itching to meet her future comrades. Speak of the devil, she heard chatter from the outside, someone in a panicky voice and another with a monotone. "Oh, here they come now I guess." Something struck Lahina, after introductions and such, what would they talk about? It'd be quite awkward with no one really knowing each other. Would it just be over after introductions? Or would everyone start idle chatter? Well, whatever was to come wouldn't be too bad, would it?

Asohi, stripping the last flower in hand of its petals violently before once again tossing it to the ground and stomping over it. Not only did she notice she had nothing to direct her anger at anymore, she noticed that there was someone following her. By the footsteps, the person sounded a lot heavier than her, maybe around 10 feet or just really, really fat. Was this person stalking her or something? Whirling around in irritation, she came face to face with a wyvern. But she was also quick to realize there was a boy riding it. "Whadd'ya wan'?" growled Asohi without wasting a second. "Can't you go prey on some human girl that you men have a tendency to lust after? Like the cute busty girls in skirts. You perverse morons seems to like those kinds." the manakete narrowed her lavender eyes and aimed a cold glare at the male figure.

Suddenly startled by whoever was around him, Luca jumped and snapped his head towards the stranger. A light bluish tinge to her hair, she was quite pretty. "I, um, yes? U-Um, I-I... was just going to m-meet everyone, ma'am." he bit his tongue and stuttered out his words in an act of panic. "Y-yeah, I guess so..." Luca let his words trail off but not long later, the 'lady' he had just met inquired his name. "My name is Luca." he managed to force himself not to stutter this time. But in the end, it still came out as a little shout-mewl.

Xun had his normal lopsided grin as usual as he strolled past the marsh in a hurry. It wasn't the smartest idea to wander off deep into the marshes, and alone at that. But then again, Xun was never really the sharpest spoon in the drawer. With brown boots muddy and white pants catching blades of grass, he ran on towards the tent. But Xun stopped short when he saw a lovely lass. She seemed to be in a very cheery mood, and without thinking, as usual, Xun walked by her side before finally speaking. "Why're you so happy?" he too queried with his grin still plastered on his face. "Did you meet someone nice?" Xun was just a bit random that way. He had done the exact same thing to a young girl once and she ran off, intimidated by how he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and asked her questions. Maybe this would go the same as last time.

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7 Re: FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Wed Nov 26 2014, 02:27

Pulling her hand back after they had made themselves acquainted, Jun gestures vaguely with it as she talks, a long term habit of hers that wasn't likely to go away anytime soon "Shouldn't take too long for them to arrive" she replies, duly noting the similar hairstyle that Lahina had to her. Now that she really thought about it, the lady looked very much like herself and it was needless to say she was slightly weirded out by the fact. Shaking her head quickly to disregard the thought, she hears the sound of voices outside. "Feel free to join us!" she calls after Lahina had made her comment, pushing her chair away from the table as she stands up slowly, preparing herself to greet the newcomers.


Shuffling forwards and peering over Halcyon's head, the pink haired boy watches with interest as the girl strips a poor little flower bare of it's many petals before proceeding to stomp all over it. Needless to say, he was a little taken aback by her odd behaviour and even more so when she suddenly spun around to look at him. "O-oh, uh" he stammers, confused by what he'd done to upset her already "Just a bit curious, is all" he states simply with a smile. "Human...girls..?" he questions, leaning even more so over the wyverns head. To passersby it'd probably look like he was about to fall face first into the ground, but he was perfectly fine. It was only then that he noticed her pointy ears sticking out from under her hair and his mouth forms a small 'o' shape as he puts 2 and 2 together. "You're a manakete, right?" he asks enthusiastically.


Raising an eye at the strangers extremely panicked reaction, Seung-min comes to a stop a couple feet away from them. Almost instantly they started stammering a reply and he noticed the use of the word ma'am in there, which caused a soft snicker of amusement. While he should've been fed up with being mistaken for a female, it somehow never failed to entertain him. After the poor, startled boy? girl? had finished with their awkward introduction, he places on hand on his hip as he quickly looks them up and down "Luca?" he repeats - wow, this really wasn't helping with the gender issue, was it? Not that he could really say anything, what with being in the exact same situation. "Mm, the name's Seung-min" he says before gesturing to the door with a small nod of his head "We're being invited in, shall we go then?"


For the life of her, Chantilly could not understand the flower petals - let alone why someone would even use so many! She had crossed off the idea of it being some of the children when she realised just how many there were and oddly enough, they went in the direction she needed to go. She wasn't about the believe that someone had purposely done this for her, so instead she cautiously continued on her way, albeit still a bit baffled and still a bit intimidated by all the people, but she was determined to say the least. This would be good for her and maybe she'd meet someone who could understand her feelings about the human race? Ah, she could hope, couldn't she?


The sudden sound of an unfamiliar mans voice made her jump slightly, though she easily regained her composure and chuckles, turning to the side slightly to face him. She was fairly used to being stopped randomly in the street by her many acquaintances, though she was positive she'd never met this person before - she'd never forget such a pretty face. Glancing down at the small bag of money clutched in her fist, she smirks "Ah, just got myself a little extra gold is what! It's all legal so don't you worry," she replies, bringing her attention back to the man "As for your second question, well it appears so, doesn't it?" Aloise continues with her usual self-assured charm.

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8 Re: FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Thu Nov 27 2014, 22:28


Lahina nodded in agreement. "I have to admit, I'm unusually enthusiastic about meeting them." she laughed it off. "But then again, who wouldn't want to meet new people. Experiencing new things are quite enjoyable." She said it without thinking, noticing how it was horribly cliche. "Ah, that sounded cheesy, forget I said that." Lahina hit her head on the table once as a small reminder not to do things like that again. Saving herself from embarrassment was't as easy as it would seem seeing that banging her head on the table would make her look like an insane person. But whatever, right?

Asohi sneered at how he spoke to her. Right, curious. Just like all the others out there. "Wipe that smirk off your face, you look stupid." she scolded rather childishly, little subconscious pout with hands folded over chest and all. "Yeah. You have a problem with me being one?" Asohi raised a brow at the wyvern. "Why are you even supporting him like that, just let him fall already." She referred to how the wyvern could just move his head down and let the boy drop. Asohi didn't really believe the wyvern wouldn't do it. They were all different after all. Species and everything. Wyvern riders were a complete mystery to her. She could only imagine how the boy managed to tame the wyvern he was riding. Not understanding how the bond was formed anyway.

Luca wanted to address Seung-Min by their name, he wanted to say it was nice to meet her, how he was happy to have met someone today as well, but his personality prevented his thoughts from coming true. So he was restrained by himself from saying anything. One could only say that no one has ever shifted their eyes so many times or fidgeted so much in just a few seconds. "A-Alright..." said Luca. The frail boy didn't have enough confidence to even thing of opening the door and go in first, so he just shuffled behind Seung-Min, hoping she would be fine if he requested her to open the door.

Xun smiled. "Ah! Nice! Congratulations." He said. But the second one didn't really sink in. "Hmm? What appears so?" Ah, young, innocent, oblivious, little Xun. He would never get the meaning of complicated words nor solutions nor problems. And yet, he was a sage. Kind of ironic actually, since you had to learn the scriptures and such. In an attempt to understand, he ran her words in his head a few more times before finally realizing that she meant she had met someone nice today. "Ah! I get it. Who's the lucky one to have met you today?"


No one said he realized who she meant.

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9 Re: FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Fri Nov 28 2014, 06:43

She looks over her shoulder at the other women and nods in agreement "Ah, my thoughts exactly!" Jun laughs along with her, the cheerful tone still clearly present in her voice as she speaks. "Great minds think alike, no?" she continues before watching Lahina as she hits her head against the table from what Jun could only assume to be embarrassment. Before the other Grandmaster could repeat her actions, Jun stammers out a quick "Oh, not at all!" as her reply, trying to hold back a snigger as the unexpected strange behaviour did actually amuse her quite a bit. She didn't mind to be honest - she had come across weirder after all. "I too am grateful for the new adventure and I look greatly forward to it" Jun smiles brightly, probably sounding just as cliché as her newfound companion.


Elijah couldn't understand why the girl was jeering at him. How could he possibly have done something wrong already? And what stupid smirk? Everyone thus far had said he had quite a charming smile. Oh well, the girl would just have to deal with it as her childish ways made him grin. She did look kinda adorable, even if she wasn't being the most pleasant person to him right now. "No, not at all!" he responds, sitting up in his seat now that the Manakete had made a comment to Halcyon and he was preparing himself for the worst. Elijah honestly did expect the wyvern to drop him, because this creature of his just loved to cause him trouble. Though after a couple of seconds had gone by without him so much as stagger, Elijah let out a small sigh of relief - seems they were friends today. "Anyways, what's your name cutie?~" he asks carelessly, not even realising he'd let the pet name slip into his sentence.


Seung-min stares blankly at Luca with his bright teal eyes. He knew his stare could be a little intimidating at times, but the silence was just getting a tad ridiculous at this point. Not to mention all the shuffling. That was literally the only noise and Seung-min wasn't sure how much longer he could take it for. Thankfully though, Luca did eventually speak up and while it wasn't much, it was something. And when they awkwardly moved behind him, he took the hint right away and reached for the handle, somewhat forcefully pushing the door open before stepping in, holding it open for Luca as well.


With her mind set on getting to the base, Chantilly avoided and ignored all distractions that came her way. And because of this attitude and a few shortcuts here and there, she arrived in the general area pretty quickly, just in time to see two people entering the building in fact. Slowing down until she came to an abrupt stop off to one side, she watched them. Chantilly instantly decided to wait until they had shut the door. She'd hang around for a couple minutes for them to do so and then she'd go in as well a couple minutes after - she didn't really want to go in right behind them.


"Why thank you," Aloise returns the smile as she ties the pouch of money to her belt. As she watched the strangers face turn to an expression of confusion, she tilted her head to the side as he questions her. Ah, not the brightest was he? No worries, she could deal with it. Smirking at his next words, she chuckles "Well, I was implying that it was you, sir" Aloise replies straightforwardly, though still in a very calm way.

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10 Re: FE: Awakening [1x1] [minke & rose .] on Tue Jan 20 2015, 21:14


Looking up, she smiled. "I guess we're both equally cheesy." Lahina laughed, meant as a comment although it sounded like an insult. "I wonder when everyone will even come inside. Do you suppose they might be nervous?" Well, they had reason to be. New surroundings make the mind much more alert. Most people with confidence can get over it easily though. But Lahina definitely agreed that anyone would still be wary when they enter a territory so foreign from what they've been with their whole life.

Truthfully, she was pleased when the boy said he didn't care about her race. But without the wyvern reacting, she grew upset again, her hopes of lifting up her mood dampened once more. She honestly just wanted to sucker punch someone now, but there wasn't anyone near other than this boy and his wyvern. Which didnt sound so bad actually. Suddenly, the boy asked for her name. And to her utter shock, she had been called a cutie. Blushing but still as hostile as the first time, she narrowed her eyes at Elijah. "Excuse me?" She said, in disbelief from what he had just said. "Don't call me a cutie. I am fully capable of hurting you." She scowled, flicking her ears. Now goes for the original question, her name. Should she tell them? No, not "them". She'll just direct it to the wyvern. The rider doesn't deserve her words. "Because you're able to withstand my attitude, wyvern. Be honored, I'm going to tell you my name." She huffed, wondering if this was worth it. "It's Asohi. Remember, got it? I'm not repeating it." Whatever else she wanted to do in this place had to wait, Asohi begrudgingly looked at the wyvern rider before gripping her Dragonstone in her hand, transforming into a shimmering violet dragon before hurrying along to the meeting place.

With the door being held open for him, Luca silently entered the place. He flashed Seung-Min a grateful smile before he situated himself at the furthest seat near the edge of the table. What would they even be talking about here? Just introduce themselves? Luca silently prayed to Naga that they'd do anything as attention seeking as to make each member speak or give a self-introduction. He looked to the doorway, at Seung-Min, wondering where he'd place himself on such a wide table.

Xun hit the lightbulb. But it was only after Aloise explained. "Ah. I see. Yes, its nice to meet a pretty lady like you too!" He said, joyfully walking towards the venue with a fast pace. "My names Xun, by the way. What's yours, miss?" Surely any answer she gave him would be to the level of understanding he had. It was just a name after all. How complex could someone make their name?

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