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RUNAWAYS [1x1] | minke & rose .

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Analyzing Linus' words over and over, Ari placed her fingers on her chin, thinking about it for a proper moment. It wouldn't be so bad. As long as she kept her distance, he'd never know, right? Seems easy enough. She held out her hand, going in for a handshake. "Alright then, Linus. We have a deal." Although she thought of being so ready to taking a newly met acquaintance with them as suspicious, she wouldn't question it, but she did wonder [while i was correcting a typo i forgot what i was going to say] what was going on in that head of his. "Well, I'll get ready and speak with the manager, you go pay for the horse then, let's meet back in front of my home." Without waiting for a reply, Ari rushed away to pack her belongings. Which got her thinking on the way home, was she ready for this? What would she need to pack? It'd be an unpredictable trip, maybe all her belongings should be packed to be on the safe side? She could sell the items she doesn't need anyway. Gathering all her things, quickly but meticulously, she was ready.

Proud that Noël had accepted his idea, Refi grinned cheerily. "Let's go tonight!" He said, raising his hand in the air for extra dramatic effect. Reficul nodded. "Yes, we shall depart tonight and elope with our love as all we need." He chuckled, squeezing Noël in his arms affectionately. The younger boys hair was soft and fluffy, Reficul just felt like ruffling it, but as a little worried his partner would not like it, all he did was place both hand on said males' head, below his own chin. In his head, Reficul was amused at the thought he would deem him heavy and push him off. Playing hard to get was indeed adorable to a grown man.

[Yes refi. Keep thinking that way. You shall be arrested upon sight.]

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Linus watched the boy in silence as he proceeded to think it over. It didn't take him long though and Linus was certain he'd been turned down, but to his surprise Ari put out his hand as he spoke. Linus didn't really expect the boy to accept his offer, but he was oddly pleased that he did. "Great" he replies with a smile, happily shaking Ari's hand. "Alright then, I'll see you shortly," he says, watching as the boy hurried off in the direction they had come from. On his way over to the stables, only then did it hit Linus that he actually was unaware of where Ari lived, for now he would just have to assume it was around the area where they had first met.

Upon stepping foot in the stables, his eye was immediately drawn to the white horse - perhaps because it stood out amongst everything else, or maybe it was because of it's regal appearance (which, naturally, he couldn't ignore). Either way, he was absolutely set on buying that one. And to his relief it didn't take him and the owner too long to make a sale. It hadn't made a huge dent in his money, but he was going to be resourceful from here on out. Mounting the horse with ease, he thanks the owner and wishes him farewell before setting off to the place where he could only hope Ari was.


With a small nod, Noël agrees to leaving later today "Just after midnight though, and do be wary of the guards" he adds, praying that Reficul would be able to sneak out. "W-wait, who ever said anything about eloping?" he stutters, once again caught off guard by the other males' comment. "Honestly.." he huffs, unable to do much else as Reficul proceeds to cuddle him. Truthfully, he didn't actually mind and the other prince knew this fully well. Tilting his head up slightly to look at the other prince, Noël smiles ever so slightly "For now though, we should probably return to our homes so as not to cause suspicion. We can pack whatever we may need then too."

[ bLESS ]

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With a rucksack larger than her torso slung around her shoulders, Ari had close the door of her home with more difficulty than she expected to handle. Maybe the bag could be altered to fit her height later. It'd require more taking apart than assembling though. But actually, the thought of her house arose from the back of her mind. Was she leaving the shelter she had been tenant to for over a decade so easily? A cantering of hooves caught her attention, she whisked her bangs under a hat. Perhaps it could be called a finishing touch of sorts. Her palms sweating, she spotted a head of golden locks. Somehow, her acquaintance looked even more dashing on a steed. She then realized that she should be making her way over to his side rather than just gawking at his princely image. "Hello!" Arietta waved her hands around. It was time to leave home.

[if only you knew, ari]

"Alright, alright." Reficul cuddled Noël for the last time before setting him beside him and hopping onto his feet. "I'll pack up and we'll meet back here on this very bench that we have shared so many snuggles on." A bit too happy as a soon-to-be-runaway, Refi quickly hurried to his own palace. It'd be easier for him to sneak in and out as most of his palace staff were quite laid-back. Even his parents, which were probably caused him to be so carefree. But he started to worry for Noël. Could he escape his home easily? Was he feeling forced to leave with him? It was an unsettling feeling. Reficul gathered a few expensive trinkets to be sold for when they are to be low on money. He was only useful for planning ahead, although usually not efficiently but that didn't matter to him at the moment. Clothes were next and then a weapon or two was added to his pile. Soon, he was done. All he had to do was wait till the clock struck twelve.

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Linus was incredibly relieved when he saw Ari's figure off in the distance, standing outside a small house in the area they had originally met. He was even more relieved however, at the lack of people - that darned amethyst necklace was still somewhere in his pocket (or so he hoped). At this point, he most likely thought that he'd just end up selling it to someone for some extra gold later on in case he starting running low, either that or give it to Ari as thanks for all the help, he hadn't quite decided.

Guiding the horse over to the building, he pulls back on the reins just enough for the stallion to slow down to a halt. Linus grins down at his newfound companion as the boy turns around at the sound of his arrival, a slightly dazed look on his face. The expression amused Linus, though he didn't bother to wonder why Ari was gazing at him like that, instead, offering a hand to help pull him up onto the horses back "Got everything you need?" he asks, glancing over Ari's shoulder at the rather large rucksack "I can carry that later if it'd be easier, by the way" he adds, slightly concerned that the weight might be a bit much for him.


Noël once again rolls his eyes at Reficul's words, but that small smile of his stayed, possibly even grew, as he watched the young man dash off towards hi own palace. He rose to his feet, took a deep breath, and proceeded to make his way back, going over his 'escape' options for the evening. It would definitely be more difficult for him as his parents were far more strict and had many guards patrolling the castle and it's grounds 24/7. It certainly wouldn't be easy, but he did love a challenge.

Noël made it to his room without much issue, other than a few of the maids worrying about his whereabouts - to which he calmly stated he was simply having a stroll in the gardens, which wasn't an entire lie, so he didn't feel all too bad about it. Thankfully, he managed to find a bag big enough to carry the necessities, such as clothes, pouches of gold and a few pieces of jewellery to sell should they need too. He had made sure to place his rapier by the door o he wouldn't forget it when he left, but other than that, all he could do now was wait.

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